Revolutionary by Design

Our fully-integrated ecosystem fuels innovation, from discovery to commercialization, with minimal reliance on external vendors. This empowers us to bring our ideas to life with efficient control, superior quality, and uncharacteristic agility.

Discovery and Development

Our process shifts the paradigm of drug discovery by integrating biologic wet labs with computational biology, accelerating the validation of new innovative therapeutics.

Preclinical Research

With a full suite of in-house research and bioanalytical capabilities, we have complete control of our IND- enabling programs.

Clinical Manufacturing

Our cutting-edge approach integrates methods and process development, cGMP biomanufacturing, and QC release testing to shorten timelines to the clinic.

Clinical Development

With an experienced team that understands intelligent and efficient trial design, we focus on identifying the fastest, safest path to patient outcomes and drug approval, advancing the speed of medical innovation.

Bioanalytical Testing

Clinical samples are irreplaceable. Our capabilities in immunoassays, bioavailability determination, and logistics ensure trusted accuracy, precision, and reliability.

Commercial Manufacturing

We’ve coupled our cGMP biomanufacturing and quality control expertise with skillful supply chain and cost control management to rapidly advance our programs.